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Bell's Palsy Treatment

Bell's palsy is a weakness of the muscles on one side of your face that causes the side of your face to droop. The nerve damage may also affect:

  • your sense of taste
  • how you make tears
  • speech
  • your sense of hearing

Here are two interesting explanations of using acupuncture to treat Bell's Palsy:

Chinese medicine attributes this condition to Wind and Cold of external origin which invade the meridians traversing the face and disrupt the flow of Qi and Blood, preventing the vessels and muscles from receiving the necessary nourishment. Treatment is directed toward spreading the Qi through the meridians of the face. Using acupuncture to treat Bell's Palsy has been well documented in the tradition and alternative medical press - . from Acupuncture Treatment of Bell's Palsy

Normally Wind-Cold attack would invade through the head and nose and attack the Lung’s Defensive Qi leading to the familiar symptoms of cold and flu (Maciocia 2004). It is a sudden pattern which correlates to modern theories of pathogenic viral attack. In the case of Bells’ palsy the invading Wind-Cold primarily stays in the facial Yang-Ming channels. The Yang Ming is significant because these are the channels that are most abundant in Qi and Blood. In Bell’s palsy it appears that a vacuity pattern debilitates Qi and Blood thus exposing the channels to injury. The first vulnerable portion of the channel is then impaired.Bell's Palsy treatment with Tradional Chinese Medicine.

Nan Acupuncture serves the Winnipeg, Manitoba area. Call the Nan Acupuncture Clinic at (204)633-6195 to book an appointment for Bell's Palsy treatment.

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Nan Acupuncture Therapy is located on McPhillips just north of Inkster in Winnipeg.

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