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Nan Acupuncture Therapy Centre
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1368 McPhillips Street Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada Phone: (204)633-6195


Moxibustion is the process whereby a dried herb called moxa-usually the species mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) - is burnt, either directly on the skin or indirectly above the skin over specific acupuncture points. The purpose of this process is to warm the Qi and blood in the channels. Moxibustion is most commonly used when there is the requirement to expel cold and damp or to tonify the Qi and blood.

As moxibustion puts heat into the body, it is clearly not indicated in conditions of internal heat, and although it may be useful with exterior excess conditions in the channels, generally it is not used for interior excess conditions.

When lit, moxa burns slowly and provides a penetrating heat that can enter readily into the channels and influence the Qi and blood flow. Moxa burns with a characteristic smell and can give off a fairly copious smoke. Some patients may find the smell and the smoke difficult to tolerate and the odour will be retained in clothing and hair long after a treatment session. Smokeless moxa is available, but this can be very difficult to light and is not commonly used.

Moxa is available in a loose form that can be used for making moxa cones. Alternatively, moxa is packed and rolled in a long stick like a large cigar, about 15-20 cm long and about 1-2 cm in diameter.



Nan Acupuncture serves the Winnipeg, Manitoba area. Call the Nan Acupuncture Clinic at (204)633-6195 to book an appointment for a Moxibustion Treatment.

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Shingles Shingles Migraine Headaches Migraine Headaches Sports Injuries Sports Injuries
Knee Pain Knee Pain Allergies Allergies Diabetic Neuropathy Diabetic Neuropathy


Nan Mah
Nan Mah
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Nan Acupuncture Therapy is located on McPhillips just north of Inkster in Winnipeg.

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