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Cupping therapy is used frequently and complements acupuncture. Suction cups, placed at various points on the body, create a vacuum that draws toxins to the skin's surface. This stimulates the person's immune response. The skin is the body's largest organ and it clears the body toxins quickly and efficiently because it has the richest circulation. Cups are either made of robust, rounded glass, plastic or bamboo.

This method is used for:

  • joint pain
  • muscle injury
  • headaches
  • infections
  • bronchial congestion

Chinese Cupping

A vacuum is created inside the cup by burning a taper for a very short period of time in the cup and then immediately placing the cup down over the selected area. Because the taper flame exhausts all the oxygen in the cup a vacuum is created and this has the effect of "drawing up" the skin beneath the cup. The effect of this is to encourage the flow of Qi and blood in the area beneath the cup. By moving the Qi and blood, local stagnation can be cleared.Cupping naturally draws blood to the external capillaries of the body and as a result minor weal or bruises may be left after a treatment.

Click to see whole articleSucks Appeal
The ancient Chinese practice of cupping is getting a Hollywood boost, and local practitioners claim it can cure everything from backaches to asthma. by Carolin Vesley

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow set tongues wagging when she showed up at a New York file premiere in a strapless top revaling a back that appeared to be covered with monster hickeys. Hollywood's favorite fashion statement.
Try ancient Chinese secret.
Paltrow's polka dots were caused by cupping, an Eastern healing therapy that uses suction to draw out impurities, boost circulation and reduce pain and illness.
Practitioners attach cups- made of glass, plastic or (originally) bamboo - to specific parts of the body. Skin is sucked into the cup as blood rushes up.
While it may raise eyebrows among the uninitiated - especially for the love-bit bruises it leaves behind - cupping has been used for nearly 3,000 years to treat everything from chronic backache to asthma and even the common cold.
Is is to oriental medicine what Tylenol is to the western world.
But you don't have to visit the Orient, or Hollywood, to experience the ancient practice said to stimulate the flow of blood and life energy in the buy - and subsequently reduce pain and illness.
They may not be wearing their welts with Paltrow's public pride, but a growing number of Winnipeggers are getting cupped, according to local practitioners. …
Nan Mah, TCM doctor and owner of Nan Acupuncture Therapy Centre (1369 McPhillips St.) says certain patients may need a series of treatments
"It depends on energy level," she says. "With some people, you try one treatment and they feel like a million bucks. Some take three or four times to feel different. Older people, their energy level may be lower and they need time to heal."
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Nan Acupuncture serves the Winnipeg, Manitoba area. Call the Nan Acupuncture Clinic at (204)633-6195 to book an appointment for a Cupping treatment.

Nan Acupuncture Therapy specializes in:

Sciatica Bells Palsy Asthma
Shingles Migraine Headaches Sports Injuries
Knee Pain Allergies Diabetic Neuropathy


Nan Mah
Nan Mah
Doctor of Chinese Medicine
Doctor of Acupuncture

Messages from Nan's Clients:

"I had intense sciatica pain for
2 weeks and felt relief after just 2 of Nan's acupuncture treatments."

Nan Acupuncture Therapy is located on McPhillips just north of Inkster in Winnipeg.

Nan Acupuncture - Winnipeg

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